9 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

9 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

It’s not just the start of a brand new year. It’s the dawn of a new decade. And as such, we all want to start 2020 the right way, and possibly towards the direction, you want this new decade to go. For a lot of us, that means finally losing weight. Let’s face it, though, it’s not that easy. In fact, some of us have probably tried to do so already in the past but have failed multiple times already. Well, don’t lose hope. You are not alone. We’re here to help.

It’s Not About Going Hungry…

One of the first things that we usually think of doing after deciding to lose weight is to go on a diet. The problem is, there’s a common misconception on doing so. Most people think that going on a diet means restricting yourself from eating too much. 

This then leads to getting hungry all the time, bouts of headache, increased stress, and worse, failing, binge eating, and gaining even more weight as a result. Yikes. 

This is the reason why we prefer the other way. The right way. Don’t go hungry. Don’t stop enjoying food. Because dieting is not about going hungry…it’s about swapping certain food items for healthier options and incorporating more beneficial ingredients to your recipes, like apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar

In a nutshell, apple cider vinegar is fermented apple juice. Yeast is added to it in order to turn its sugars into alcohol that then turns into acetic acid (the main component of vinegar), thanks to healthy bacteria. In fact, apple cider vinegar is so healthy that it’s been used as a home remedy for thousands of years in different ancient medical traditions.

And today, we are going to dive deeper into its benefits, specifically about weight loss. Here are 9 benefits:

It increases metabolism.

We’ve heard a lot of our friends complain about their weight and blame metabolism for it. What is metabolism anyway? In a nutshell, it is the process that our body undergoes in order to break down the food we eat and turn them into energy. 

What happens with all the excess energy that doesn’t get burned, though? Yep, you’ve guessed it. They turn to fat. Fortunately, there’s a way to increase your metabolism. According to one study, acetic acid is found to have beneficial effects in improving metabolism (1).

It reduces cravings.

Now that your metabolism has improved, we can now move on and tackle another problem. Cravings. There are simply times when we cannot help but give in to our sweet tooth. We feel you. That’s why it really is a good thing that apple cider vinegar can help reduce our sugar cravings too. All you need to do is to add a couple of tablespoons to a bottle of water and drink it all throughout the day (2).

It makes you feel more full.

But what if you’re not necessarily craving for anything and you’re simply hungry all the time? Well, one study suggests that apple cider vinegar can help as an effective appetite suppressant and help people feel satiated faster and longer (3).

It reduces calories.

Since apple cider vinegar reduces your cravings and makes you feel more full at the same time, then you can expect a significant reduction in your calories as well. You can further improve your calorie intake by meal planning wisely and incorporating even more apple cider vinegar into your favorite recipes. 

It keeps us from gaining weight.

According to another study, acetic acid can also keep us from storing more fat and gaining more weight (4). Having said that, this makes apple cider vinegar not just effective in helping us lose weight, but also in helping us maintain it later on. 

It regulates blood sugar.

Moving on, much has been said about the connection between being overweight and diabetes. It’s yet another thing that you need to constantly worry about while you’re struggling with your weight. But you can take a breather now because apple cider vinegar can help control blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes (5, 6)

It reduces cholesterol.

Aside from diabetes, other serious health issues related to being overweight are hypertension and stroke. A major culprit that can cause both is bad cholesterol. Don’t worry, apple cider vinegar can help you with that as well. According to one research, apple cider vinegar does not only efficiently reduce bad cholesterol (or LDL), but it also helped increase good cholesterol (or HDL) (7).

It makes food taste better.

Who knew that losing weight would be so healthy and delicious at the same time? We really like the flavor profile of apple cider vinegar. It’s sweet, tangy, and has more depth than your usual vinegar. We love using it in our salad dressings, sauces, stews, and more. 

It boosts confidence. 

Finally, we love the fact that it helps with other aspects of your look as well, because let’s be honest, half of the people who want to lose weight do so because they want to improve their physical appearance and boost their confidence.

Aside from helping you lose weight, did you know that acetic acid can help brighten your skin as well? That’s because of two reasons: 1) topical application of apple cider vinegar can help restore your skin’s natural pH levels (8), and 2) its potent antifungal and antibacterial properties can help treat acne as well (9).

Wrapping it up

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits. In fact, we have barely even scratched the surface yet since we’ve only focused on those that are directly related to weight loss so far. As a quick recap, here are the different benefits of apple cider vinegar for weight loss:

  • It increases our metabolism, curbs our cravings, and controls our appetite.
  • It efficiently reduces our calorie intake and improves our body’s calorie-burning process.
  • It can help reduce the risk of weight-related medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.
  • It’s not just good for weight-loss, but it can also brighten our skin and reduce acne.
  • Finally, it’s a very flexible ingredient that you can easily incorporate into any recipe. 

Having said that, this natural remedy has definitely more in store for us so we encourage you to do your own research about it as well. We hope that you have enjoyed our article. Stay healthy!

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